What Should Aurora Adults Look for in Over 55 Communities

55 communities in Aurora CO

As Colorado’s third largest city, Aurora is certainly not a place where you wouldn’t be able to find a good senior community. In fact, some of the best and most diverse senior communities for people over the age of 55 can be found here, and you’ll find the prices to be surprisingly affordable as well.

But what should you really look for in 55 communities in Aurora CO? Should you consider spending a little more on added amenities? Are you interested in better events and opportunities for taking part in exciting activities? Or do you just want a place where you can relax and read books without being disturbed?

Your Own Preference

A lot of senior parents who want to move away from the rest of the household into a 55+ community might not think things through too well. As a result, they end up leaving the community within just a few months or even weeks. So make sure you have a clear picture of what you’re interested in and searching for.

The questions shown above are a good indicator of what you might ponder on, but the basic principle is to find out exactly what you want from a community like that (if you don’t know already) and avoid making decisions based solely on others’ suggestions. Your children and their families might mean well, but they might not know exactly what you’re interested in. So don’t fall prey to ideas such as, “well we saw that you’re alone all the time, so this socially engaging community might be best.” If you want to be mostly on your own and at peace, then stick to that and try to communicate exactly what you want.

Benefits You Shouldn’t Miss Out on

It’s good to have a sense of community and of freedom when you go to live in a 55+ community. However, the balance between the two is the most important thing you need to look for, along with some other very essential benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on, including:

  • ADLs (assistance with daily living) should be among the first things on your list;
  • Support services like housekeeping, pet care, community management and physical rehab, if you need it;
  • Consider a community where the rules and regulations are not too strict;
  • A convenient location where you can easily find nearby parks, theaters, shopping centers, medical offices, churches and restaurants;
  • Proper safety and security features.

Proximity to Your Family

Unless you’re not very close with your family members, you might want to consider looking into a 55+ community that’s closer to their location. The good news is that Aurora is a pretty big urban center, so you won’t have to worry too much that your family members will have to travel through difficult terrain or over a long distance to get to you.

The best 55 communities in Aurora CO will be one that can be reached without a problem within an hour or two at most. That way, your family members can spare 2-3 hours to visit you any time, even during weekdays, if they’re not too busy. As such, you won’t have to worry that the only people you will be in touch with will be your new friends from the senior center. Your children and grandchildren will still be around and they’ll still have your back.