What Questions Should I Ask A Water Damage Removal Contractor?

If your property has sustained extensive damage because of flooding, you need a water damage contractor to handle the problem. Water damage can be devastating for your property and it might also create dangerous situations that only professionals can safely and efficiently handle. Furthermore, you probably will want to file an insurance claim to get compensation for the damages and that process also needs the involvement of knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

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The next step after noticing the damage is to contact your insurance agent to announce the damage, then to find a water damage restoration Fort Collins contractor. If you conduct a simple query online, you will probably see that your area gives home to many water damage restoration companies, so the question obviously arises: how to evaluate the contractors to make sure that you hire the best of them. Here are some questions to ask the contractors before choosing the one to hire.

Licenses, Certifications and Insurances

To be allowed to operate legally, water damage restoration companies in most states are required to obtain a state-issued license and to be insured, so you should ask the contractor you are talking to to show you copies of their relevant documents, including not only their licenses and insurance policies, but other certificates to prove their expertise. You should also find out about the qualifications and expertise of the team members who will work on your property.

The Mitigation and the Restoration Process

It is very important for you to know exactly what to expect of the restoration process, so your next set of questions should refer to the process phases. The first step performed by water damage restoration Fort Collins companies is usually to ensure the safety of the premises by disconnecting the utilities, followed by the assessment and the documentation of the damage. The damaged and contaminated objects, such as soaked carpets and furniture, are removed to allow the technicians to inspect and to evaluate the condition of the walls and the floors affected by the flood. In the next phase, your contractor will make recommendations regarding the restoration process – if you accept them, the team will start the process by removing damaged building components, such as drywalls and flooring and they will use special cleaning, decontamination and dehumidification equipment.

The Technologies Used

It is also important to find out about the equipment that your contractor will use on your site. The machines to be used usually include high-capacity pumps, drying appliances, air purifiers and other tools and substances used for ensuring the safety of your building by removing contaminants and by preventing the appearance of rot, mold and mildew later.

Help with the Insurance Claim Process

Many water damage restoration Fort Collins contractors also assist their clients with the damage claim process by providing the evidence to prove the amount of damage, by documenting the restoration process as well as by helping their clients put together and submit their insurance claim and by assisting during the negotiations with the insurer. Before hiring your restoration contractor, find out about that kind of assistance as well.