What Is Silestone and Why Should I Consider It for My Kitchen?

Silestone is a brand name, a company that produces quartz-based materials of the highest quality. Silestone products are made using the latest technological innovations to mix quartz with synthetic resins, the outcome being a wide range of attractive, resistant and durable slabs that has at least one option for any kitchen.

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Here are some of the most important benefits of Silestone slabs, perks that you should know about if you are currently in the process of getting a new kitchen counter.

Material Combinations for Excellent Results

Silestone products are approximately 94% quartz, the other 6% consisting of a variety of raisins and adhesives. When the natural material is combined with synthetic substances, the process offers the manufacturer not only more control over the appearance of the slabs, but also the option to create an extremely durable and resistant material that is virtually indestructible.

Resistance to Staining

While quartz is essentially a porous material, the surface of Silestone slabs is sealed to prevent the penetration of any substance into the slab. The result is extraordinary resistance to staining – whether it is tea, coffee, saffron water or raspberry juice that gets spilled onto the surface, your Silestone slab will be easy to wipe and the accident will leave no mark on the surface.

Extraordinary Resistance and Durability

A countertop in a kitchen that is used all the time is exposed to a lot, not only to staining, but to impact and heat as well. Quartz is able to face all that stress and wear and tear, being able to stand up to heavy objects being dropped from a height, such as a heavy pot that slips out of your hand accidentally as well as to the heat of pots being moved on to the countertop directly from the stove. Silestone Denver retailers affirm that silestone products also stand out with their durability and very long warranty coverage.

Varied Design

Silestone slabs come in a seemingly infinite array of colors and color combinations, from immaculate bright white to almost black, from varieties of a lighter background color speckled with other hues for lined with multiple other colors. The Silestone range also offers three texture variations, Polish, Suede and Volcano – the names are suggestive of what you can expect in terms of the texture.

Silestone is aware that every kitchen is different and that every kitchen requires not only a countertop of a unique coloring, but also a slab of a carefully calculated thickness. The company’s products are varied when it comes to slab thickness levels as well, allowing you to choose what works best for your counter.

Easy Maintenance

Once installed, your Silestone slabs will require no special sealing or other forms of polishing. All you will need for keeping your slab beautiful is a good-quality cleaner to remove residues, water marks, everyday dirt and other stains. No water-repellent or sealant needs to be used or should be used on your slab – the surface will retain its natural shine and beauty without the application of such harsh substances.