What Is A Property Land Surveyor?

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Land surveying is the process of determining the position of points on terrain and the angles between two points to assess land contour, land surveyors being the specialists who carry out the necessary measurements and interpret the results to determine terrain boundaries and characteristics. Land surveying can serve various purposes and the documents that summarize the findings of the surveys are usually required for projects that involve the construction of buildings, roads, dams, railroads, pipelines and other features, for real estate transactions in which land changes owners and frequently used in disputes concerning land ownership or the right to use a land or a land feature.

A Little History

Land surveying has been an essential process in the development of built environments since ancient times. In ancient Egypt, rope stretchers were used to determine plot boundaries and to re-establish land limits after floods or other calamities that affected terrain features. Land surveying was recognized as a profession in ancient Rome and it was also in Rome that the first land registries were established. In continental Europe, the first cadaster was introduced by Napoleon in 1808.

The principles of land surveying have changed very little since ancient times, but the techniques, devices and tools used for ensuring the accuracy of the measurements have changed a lot. One of the most important measurement and localization techniques, triangulation, was developed in the 16th century, then innovation in the field continued to see a boost in the 20th century. The chains, ropes and plumb rules used hundreds of years ago are still used today, but in our time, most of the land assessments are performed with electronic measurement devices, GPS and other advanced, digital systems.

The Education of Land Surveyors

Land surveyors Denver area need to possess advanced knowledge of calculus, geometry, trigonometry as well as of the legislation in the field of real estate property and the related transactions. In most jurisdictions, land surveyors are required to obtain a state-issued license that proves the surveyor’s knowledgeability. The applicants who want to register for the licensing exams need to fulfill many requirements, including requirements related to the degrees and qualifications they need as well as to the number of practice hours. They usually need a degree issued by an accredited institution that provides specialized study programs or a degree obtained in a related field, such as civil engineering and several thousands of practice hours under the supervision of a licensed surveyor or as employees of a land survey company.

The Skills Needed by Land Surveyors

Land surveying is a complex process that requires professional knowledge as well as skills, such as attention to detail, the ability to concentrate even with lot of disturbance around. Much of the land surveyor’s work is performed on terrain, often among unfavorable weather circumstances, therefore land surveyors also need to be in good physical condition. Good communication and problem-solving skills are also necessary – land surveyors are communicating with their clients all the time and their work involves lots of unexpected situations that need to be solved adequately, without having too much time to contemplate the solution.