The Most Common Recreational Applications for Steel Buildings

Sporting Facility

Steel buildings are nowadays the go-to choice for new buildings in any industry, the recreation sector being one of the industries in which the usage of steel construction is the most widespread – here are the most common recreational applications for steel buildings, all of them offering the benefits of fast and affordable construction, ample design options, extraordinary strength, durability and excellent functionality.

Sporting Facilities

Steel buildings are perfect for indoor sports arenas, community swimming pools, indoor tennis courts, gymnasiums or cross-fit facilities. The clear-span design available with some types of metal buildings provide the large, unobstructed space necessary for sporting applications and it also provides infinite options to divide the space with temporary walls or nets. The other features that make steel buildings such a common choice for sports courts is that they can be insulated using any insulation solution, so the temperature and the humidity of the air inside the building can be kept comfortably stable all year around, makjng steel construction equally suitable for ice rinks and for activities that require higher temperatures.

Steel is suitable for multi-level buildings as well, therefore it is the perfect material for gyms that have a swimming pool downstairs, work-out equipment and exercise rooms on the floor above and offices on the top floor.


Thermal stability is an important requirement for spas as well – the saunas need to be able to keep the hot air inside, while the areas used for providing clients their massages and other treatments also need comfortably level temperatures and controlled humidity. Steel buildings provide the option to create multiple temperature areas and they are also suitable for any design, so spa facilities can welcome their guests in an elegant and comfortable manner in steel buildings.

Hotels and Motels

Steel buildings are freely customizable not only in terms of size, but in terms of design as well, therefore they are suitable for recreational facilities for which a distinctive style is essential, such as hotels.

Many hotel owners nowadays choose to use the rugged, industrial appearance of the metal in their hotel designs, while others choose to conceal the metal panels and trusses to create rustic or elegant environments.


The fact that metal buildings are suitable for clear-span designs and that they can be fitted with any type of insulation, including acoustic insulation, metal construction works great for creating environments of great acoustic features, that is why metal buildings have been long used as large arenas, theaters, cinemas and concert halls as well. Steel concert halls and arenas can be made sufficiently rugged and secure to handle even the largest crowd and with the right type of accessories, the perfect sound is also guaranteed.

More and more cities nowadays have operas, museums and centers of performing arts built from steel as well. Here again, the reasons for the popularity include freely customizable features that allow architects to create buildings that integrate perfectly into the surrounding area, perfect sound for the audience, controllable temperature and humidity conditions, durability and low building costs.