The Advantages of Used Warehouse Shelving

Organized Warehouse Shelving

Fitting a warehouse with shelving is an expensive project, even in the case of small warehouses – small wonder that businesses, especially young companies that need to keep expenses to the minimum, are looking for shelving solutions that are affordable without compromising quality and stability. Second-hand shelving makes great solutions for any company in need of warehouse furniture – here are some of the most important advantages of used warehouse shelving.

Reduced Costs without Reduced Quality

Many companies replace the shelves in their warehouse because they move their inventory to a different warehouse with new racking and not because their old racks are broken, bent, cracked or otherwise damaged. This also means that most second-hand racks are as good as new, but they come for a price that is much lower than the price of new racking.

Most resellers touch up the shelves that they buy before they sell them again, which means the quality of the second-hand shelves available on the market has been restored even if there were small scratches or dents in them when they were initially bought by the reseller.


Used shelving is usually sold by companies that buy the racks from the initial user only if they are in perfect condition and accompanied with documents from the manufacturer and warranties.

Beneficial for the Environment

With used warehouse shelving Denver distribution centers no longer use, you can minimize the environmental impact of your operations by not using new resources. Whether your shelving is made entirely from metal or it combines wood and metal, using second-hand units to furnish your warehouse is an excellent way to protect the natural environment.

Versatility and Variety

Second-hand shelves are available in all shapes and sizes – whatever your requirements are in terms of height, length and carrying capacity, you can surely find it in the inventory of a company that sells used shelves. If your storage needs grow in the future, you can surely find the right type of extensions for your shelves in the inventory of your seller, so you don’t need to be concerned about adding more racks – you can do that using second-hand shelves as well.

A Very Fast Way to Get Your Shelves

Most companies that decide to use new shelves in their warehouses need to wait until the shelves are manufactured to their specifications. If you decide to buy second-hand, the shelves that you need are already made and ready to be shipped out to your address – you might need to perform some minor adjustments to make the shelves fit into place, but those adjustments usually take very short and they are done on your premises, right before or during installation.

Financing Solutions Available

Many warehouse shelf resellers offer financing solutions for companies interested in buying used shelves, especially to small or medium business clients with limited financial possibilities, but good credit scores and great potentials to grow. With these financing solutions, getting warehouse shelving that does the job that it is expected to do becomes even more affordable and less of a financial burden, allowing developing companies to focus on their core business activities.