Should You Select a One Bedroom or Two Bedroom Apartment Unit?

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The question of how big a new apartment should be is usually answered differently by everyone. If you want a larger Bentonville apartment or you have a large family, then it makes sense that you’ll have to choose more bedrooms. However, for someone who lives alone, a single bedroom and a rent that’s not so steep might make a lot more sense.

So what criteria should you really use? Is it a good idea to judge just based on your square footage, or is it better to have many, small rooms that you can each use for a different purpose?

Living in a One Bedroom Apartment

Most people would point to one bedroom apartments and say that they are small. However, small or large is usually a point of view, so it’s often hard to determine exactly if you should consider it or if you need to get something bigger.

The great thing about a smaller apartment is that it forces you to focus on minimalism and practicality. Also, rent in Bentonville AR for a small apartment is typically less expensive and easier to manage. You won’t have huge floors to clean, and the number of carpets you own will be limited to just a few, which is great news if you’re living with a pet. A smaller apartment is also easier to heat, light and cool, so the overall costs will be pretty low on average.

Larger Apartments and Two Bedroom Choices

The size of the apartment you’re thinking to buy doesn’t always reflect how many rooms it has. It’s possible to purchase or rent an apartment with a single, large room, or one that has two smaller ones. To make sure you get the right size and not just the right number of rooms, consider looking up the floor plan of the home and calculating exactly to find out how much square footage of actual, living space you have at your disposal.

It often happens that the smaller apartment isn’t as disproportional when compared to the larger one, as most people would think. On the contrary, it might have a greater amount of living space and the entire design and layout of the apartment could be ideal for you.

When you’re getting a two-bedroom apartment, you have to take a look at details such as whether or not both bedrooms are of the right size for what you need, and whether it’s possible to fit them with space-saving furniture items such as a bunk bed. Saving space is also possible by converting one of the bedrooms into a study, a game room or even a home office. That way you can use rooms that you wouldn’t normally need for something more efficient.

It’s not always easy to determine exactly whether you need a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment. Many Bentonville property managers will tell you to check the price and the long term maintenance costs, and you’ll easily know whether you can afford a larger apartment or not. However, depending on your lifestyle choices and on what you specifically need from a new apartment, the question of choosing one bedroom layout or another will ultimately be up to you entirely.