How To Research Your Commercial Roofing Installation

If you are planning to replace the roof on your commercial facility, be prepared to make a lot of decisions and to do a lot of math. To be able to make the most of your new roof, to install the structure that works best for your building and for your climate area, you will need to consider and to research many different aspects – here are some factors that you will need to research and to consider.

The Materials that Work Best in Your Geographical Area

Roofing materials are designed with weather-resistance and strength in mind, but not all of them are suitable for any climate area and for any type of severe weather. Some materials, such as metal, work in any area, while others, such as shingles, work best in moderate climate zones. Local building codes are usually a great start for your research of the most suitable material for your area – the document’s principle objective is to make sure that the structures in your area are sound enough to withstand typical weather conditions, so the recommendations provided in it are worth considering.

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Researching Each Material – Factors to Consider

If you have collected a set of materials suitable for your climate, you should continue by researching each material on your list in terms of pros and cons. Here are some criteria that you should consider:

  • Pricing – the size of the budget that you can allocate to your roofing project is probably an important aspect. To make sure that your new roof fits in, calculate the size of your roof accurately and figure out the exact quantity of each roofing material that you would need. When you know how much material you need, start looking at the prices offered by various suppliers – the differences between the prices can be significant and so is the amount of discount that each supplier is willing to give;
  • Installation – some roofing systems are quick and easy to install, others are more complicated. Metal roofs and green roofs, for example, can be installed on top of the old roof if the old structure is sturdy enough, while others need a lengthy installation process;
  • Roof life – each roofing material comes with a different life expectancy and has different requirements in terms of repair and maintenance. Most commercial roofing materials need very little maintenance, but they should all be regularly inspected, cleaned and repaired if necessary. Some roofing materials need special coatings to prevent any damage caused by excessive moisture or harsh solar radiation, while others are string enough on their own;
  • Your installation contractor – each roofer, even the ones that specialize in commercial roofs, specialize in different materials, after you have picked your material, you should start researching local commercial roofing Connecticut contractors. Check local commercial roofing company Connecticut businesses for their expertise, experience and reputation, then contact at least three of them and request quotes. Compare the quotes not only in terms of the final amount to be paid for your roof, but also in terms of the materials used, the labor fees and the warranties offered on the materials and on the labor.