How To Reduce The Chances Of Flooding In A Home?

How To Reduce Flooding Restoration Company Inspections

Being a home owner offers many satisfactions, but also many challenges, so the peace of mind can be hard to reach. The deterioration caused by a water leaks in the house is a problem that affects more than half of homeowners at one time in their lives, and the typical bill for water damage can be very high.

One of the most unpleasant situations, especially after the beginning of the cold and rainy season, is to have a flood in the house. Not only does it damage the walls, the ceiling, the floor, but it can ruin things in the house, and may lead to the apparition of mold and heavy breathable air. The cold season does not help with ventilation, so it will be particularly difficult to dry and restore everything as it was previous to the flood. A flood in the house is a difficult situation but also one that needs restoration companies Phoenix to resolveĀ  promptly.

Whether you are away from home for a while, you own a second property, or you simply want to make sure your home is safe, here is our guide to protecting you against costly repair and protect your home from damage resulted from water leaks.

  • Turn off the water. You can prevent the danger of water damage before it occurs. Before you leave your house for the weekend or for a vacation out of town, it is best to turn off the water via the main shut-off valve. This valve is typically installed under the bathroom sink or, if you have a water meter, you should be able to find it on the connected pipe.
  • Leave a set of keys to a neighbor. If you have a water leak when you are away, you must take prompt measures to prevent the damage. If you have a neighbor with access to the house to turn off the water for you, it will greatly limit the damage.
  • Do not use water consuming devices while you are out and unable to keep an eye on them. With an ever-increasing schedule, it can be tempting to turn on the dishwashing machine before you go to work, but things may go wrong and you can experience great damage in the house if one of these appliances break. If you are in the house, you will likely spot the problem before it turns into a flooding, but if the appliance runs unsupervised, you may experience a disaster.
  • Consider investing in a smart water security system. For total safety, no matter how far away you are from home, a smart water system security system can turn to be very useful. It can detect leaks in the ducts at an early stage, long before you can see the leak, send you an alert to let you know and you can even turn off the water system from a distance, to prevent the flood and stop the damage.
  • In winter, the pipes – especially the exterior ones – may crack, so, for your peace of mind, you will need to insulate them. Additionally, remove the hoses from the outside fittings, turn off the water supply and, when possible, drain the pipes completely.
  • Call a Colorado Roofing company to make sure there are no leaks into your home.