How to Know if a Company is a Good Gate Control Manufacturer

Like any major business acquisition, it’s a good idea to take the time and ask a variety of questions when choosing an access control system manufacturer. You want to deal with a business that is established and financially stable, provide timely customer support every time you need it, as well as promptitude. Flexibility is important too: the manufacturer should be able to adapt to your specific requirements. A good gate control manufacturer will also ask questions. They will guide you through the technological process and the available options, to help you design the controlled gate that matches your needs.

They do not necessarily need to see your building, but in this case, they will ask you for some digital images with the specific entry point you want to protect with a controlled gate. Avoid suppliers who have the perfect system for you, after just five minutes of conversations and which, by the way, is promotional only this week!

Most access control system providers work with various customers. However, you should look for one that has experience with customers in your industry. In other words, you do not work with a company that deals with residential systems, if you need quality industrial door systems. Some manufacturers produce cheaper controlled gates, but they may not reliable to be used as frequently as you may need to.

In addition to providing the right products, the manufacturer will also be responsible for the installation and integration with other related systems that you have. There is no specific standard for connectivity between the access control system, alarms and video surveillance time, so there will always be additional “custom” work involved in creating connections between these systems. Most importantly, there are local and national rules governing the types of locks and equipment that can be used for different doors, so make sure you are familiar with the local legal provisions.

Denver gate company access control system

Finally, reaching good pricing estimates for access control systems is quite difficult: you will have to discuss in detail with the Denver gate company and gate control manufacturer before you get a price estimate.

That being said, there are some general indicative costs that you can keep in mind. A complete keyboard or an access control system based on cards for a single door does not cost that much, and a reliable manufacturer will offer affordable prices. Also, the more doors you add, the lower the price per door. These prices include everything: hardware installation and software. Only the cards are usually paid separately.

The price of your system should include basic support, at least for the first year. The best manufacturers offer lifetime support for their products, which is also an indicator of their reliability. Many dealers also offer maintenance contracts or extended warranties, but most of the time the warranty offered by the manufacturers is sufficient for the access control system hardware. The components are relatively simple and do not have many detachable parts, so they are expected to work flawlessly for a very long time.